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Transformation Planner and Benchmarking Service

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Take advantage of a simple and easy method to Benchmark against your competitors and learn how to use the Transformation Planner to plan you organizations continuous improvement path.

SME’s Transformation Planner is the ideal tool for charting your company’s journey to achieve lower costs and higher profits. The Transformation Planner starts with benchmarking data to show 12 key metrics in comparison to other companies in your industry sector. Drawing on MMTC’s database of nearly 11,000 industry records, the Transformation Planner has been in use by companies since 2001. This proprietary tool is available exclusively through SME in Canada.

The Transformation Planner allows companies to model how much capacity can be made available by implementing/achieving production improvements. Thereby it estimates the resulting opportunity for growth: growth that can occur with no additional investment in machinery and with no increase in production hours.

Realistic Improvement Targets

The model automatically sets improvement targets for your organization to consider. With discussion and agreement, these targets may be adjusted, based on realistic inputs of priority ranking, timeframe and resource availability under your management control.

Once final targets have been established, the Transformation Planner calculates the potential onetime and recurring annual financial benefits of reaching those targets. A main benefit to achieving those targeted improvements is the increase in available manufacturing capacity. After the implementation of improvements, companies often find that they can efficiently complete their orders with fewer production hours. With the additional capacity, the opportunity exists to find and fulfill more production orders, all while keeping their operation just as busy as before.

For more information about the SME Transformation Planner and Benchmarking service, please contact Bruce Killer at or 888.322.7333 ext. 4444.