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Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

SME supports the manufacturing industry that's vital to all of us in numerous ways More

We are SME

SME - Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  We are proud of manufacturing's role in improving our lives and building a strong economy.  




  • Developing our Manufacturing Workforce - SME is committed to developing manufacturing skills and competencies.  We partner with groups like: NAM's Manufacturing Institute, AMT, NACFAM and AWS.  Leading manufacturers use Tooling U for online learning and our certifications are the industry standard.
  • Sharing Technology and Information - SME is one of the largest publishers of manufacturing-related technical information and news.  Industry gains access to technology, applications and experts through Manufacturing Engineering magazine, videos, books, technical papers, journals and dynamic content.
  • Changing Manufacturing's Future - The SME Education Foundation shows young people that 'manufacturing is cool'.  We address the shortage of technical talent through grants, scholarships and industry partnerships, and support innovative programs like 'Edge Factor', PRIME Schools, and CIM.
  • Building Valuable Relationships - SME is everyone you need to meet, everything you need to know, and everything you need to grow.  Within our technical communities and chapters, SME members connect and interact, exchange ideas and expertise, and build lasting relationships.
  • Connecting Manufacturers with Solutions - Through SME Events, manufacturers can spend valuable 'face time' with technical experts and see technology hands-on and in person. 
  • Access to Manufacturing Buyers -- SME provides valuable access to the manufacturing marketplace through dynamic events and conferences, sponsorships, list rental and Manufacturing Engineering Magazine.


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