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Welcome to SME’s new Manufacturing Knowledge Base (MKB) — a peer-reviewed, validated and encyclopedic WIKI environment for seekers of manufacturing content and knowledge.


SME's Manufacturing Knowledge Base Wiki is exclusively for SME members. It’s another way your membership helps you to MEET | KNOW | GROW. You will need to login to gain access.


The new digital format combines the best features, expert content, illustrations and images of SME's former "Tool & Manufacturing Engineers' Handbook (TMEH)" desk edition, dictionary, thesaurus and other derivative works that span major manufacturing technologies and processes. SME Members can create, edit and update content to rally around the critical needs of today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce!


Plus, new content and proposed edits will be visible during peer review and validation. Once content is fully verified and updated, older content will be archived for reference. 


I'm a Content Expert. How Do I Contribute?

Thank you for your time and expertise in this important new member engagement opportunity.