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Column: What a skilled trades career looks like for Michigan teens
Now that Governor Rick Snyder has secured the governorship for another term, expect to see a strong focus on vocational education training during the next four years. Full Article
MLive Column 12-10-14

SME Leadership Series Trains Current and Future Manufacturing Leaders
The practical advice and real-world examples provide guidance to attendees to help them be better leaders, regardless of title, position or career level. Full Article
SME Leadership Series - WFD (4-10-14)

SME's Student Chapter at Keene State College Create Presidential Inauguration Keepsake
From start to finish, the students designed and produced the keepsake, made of bar-stock brass and CNC machined. Full Article

Keene State College

Conventional Image of "Dirty" Manufacturing Scaring Away Critical Talent Pool of Smart, Skilled Women
Indeed, for more than a generation, North America's middle classes have been turning up their noses at what they perceive to be the undesirable work portrayed in popular movies like Norma Rae — work that is purportedly dirty, low-skill, monotonous and offers meager pay, poor working conditions and limited job security. Full Article
Skilled Women (4-01-14)

SME Contributes Workforce and Education Expertise in Support of New Digital Lab for Manufacturing 
The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded a grant to UI Labs in Chicago to create the Digital Lab for Manufacturing. This lab will be part of a consortium to develop and demonstrate digital manufacturing technologies and deploy and commercialize these technologies across key manufacturing industries. SME plans to play a significant part in workforce development for the new Digital Lab. Full Article
Digital Lab Chicago